22TCN 171-87 PDF

22TCN Ministry of Transport. Technical Criteria on the Design of. 1, mm-Gauge Tracks. Ministry of Transport. 22TCN 7. Standard for soil investigation and treatment design for embankment stabilization. 22TCN 8. Standard for Cone. Based on the Vietnamese Standard 22TCN the design criteria criteria which are defined in the different way in 22TCN and.

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The selection of tree species must follow consultation with agronomists. Vertical distance from road surface to cable: Roadbed and Drainage 6.

The feasibility study must be done for the selection of highway category. You did not use the site, Click here to remain logged. The construction of bridge will not cause the inundation of a large area of planting land and will not impair the existing irrigation works. These courses are divided into several layers. Buses stop located on the part of traveled way, close to the right edge. Signs must be installed in the place of high visibility, without eclipse. The grade-change curvature can be started from 10m outside the intersecting center.

Berms may be provided at high slopes for planting shrubs.


Besides this, the followings should be considered: This number should be an even number, except for cases that traffic volume in each direction has a significant difference or there is a special traffic control on the highway.

All the elements outside the traveled way shoulder are elevated, so that they have the same cross slope with traveled way by revolving about the pavement edge. It is recommended to use international symbols rather than letters, sentences must be succinct.

Figure 7 – Minimum arrangement of an avoiding bus 171-887 Highways are not artificially lighted on their length, except at the following points: Design process of bridges and drains in limited situation applied for drain design. Maximum water depth above underwater and overflow road is prescribed in Table Hardly rock, lightly weathered cracking 16 1: This traffic volume is used for determining the number 17187 lanes, assessing the quality of traffic flow, traffic control, etc.

Thuyết minh thiết kế bản vẽ thi công cầu nhịp chính dạng dàn bailey nhịp dẫn dầm I18m tiếng anh

Fill slopes and cut slopes must be grown with turf by ways 22tcm seeding or assembling grass pieces etc. Shrubs can be grown at medians, berms of cut and fill slopes.

All obstacles must be removed in order to ensure that the height of obstacles is 0. For the bridges with span length shorter than 8m, the cross section must be not restricted. The future year is defined as the 20th year after putting into operation of the newly-built highways and the 15th year for the rehabilitation ones. 22tcm, its surface must be made of the same materials as the surface of traveled way.

Technical survey for pile foundation design and construction. The master plan shall take full or most use of the works built in previously staged construction.

These solutions must be fit with the highway category, structural works and geological condition of the highway location. This lane must have adequate length to build the speed-change lane for vehicles run from major road to minor road and vice versa. If there is no specific study, the equivalent 1711-87 for converting various sized vehicles to passenger car units can be obtained from Table 2.

Highways should run in the boundary 22fcn, such as boundary between forest and rice-fields, hill slopes and rice-fields, the division of existing landscape should be avoided. Intersections at an angle less than should be avoided. Minimum dimensions of parking areas are as follows: On the overflow and underwater roads, there must be installed mark posts and water depth gauge must be installed 171-877 visible places. Vehicles having dimensions greater than that stipulated in Table 1 are considered as special ones which are only operational as a special permit obtained from reponsible authorities.


When bus stop 22rcn located on far side, it must be at least 50m far from the center of intersection. Highway — Require standard design for side roads, frontage road, linking road to expressway. Minimum width of the bottom of intercepting ditch is 0. The surface of side slopes must be paved with large-size rock blocks.

At the same time, it should be ensured that water from the road itself can run out easily. Depressed medians, collected storm water to the middle. Table 25 – Selection of letter height based on sign reading distance Sign reading distance, m 50 80 Letter height, cm 6 10 14 18 22 25 Number of information letters: Both sides of overflow and underwater roads must have traffic signals, and indicators of limit water level for crossing.

In common cases, the lane width for each highway categories is as follows: Digging pits must be designed with a complete geometric form that will not be detrimental to the surrounding landscape and can be used 22tcnn completing the construction when necessary. Signs on the highway and national highway network must be an unity of forms, dimensions, meanings, letter sizes, colors etc. Following materials can be used for pavement markings: They 17187 be planted on both sides along the roadway or made into a clump of trees beside the road.

This route always serves one of the greatest amount of traffic all over Vietnam.