A Short History Of English Literature [Ifor Evans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Short History of English Literature. Front Cover. Ifor Evans, Bernard Bergonzi. Penguin Books, – Literary Criticism – pages. Contributor, Ifor Evans. Edition, 4, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Penguin Books, ISBN, X, Length, pages. Subjects.

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A short history of English literature – Ifor Evans, Bernard Bergonzi – Google Books

These three works are: W the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. With very little help from any formal education, and with none from his family circle, he gathered around himself a world of beauty in which he could believe. William Wordsworth is at once the oldest, the greatest, and the most long-lived of the group. It was a medieval addition to the classical theme of a short history of english literature by ifor evans Trojan wars, the story of Troilus’s love for Criseyde and of her faithlessness.

a short history of english literature by ifor evans Water, water, every where. Dhort also hopes that his work will enlarge the knowledge of the ‘boys of England’, in English itself. Of these the false Achitophel was first: Dramatist, critic, translator, Dryden was fore- most a poet, and, in poetry, he englosh primarily a craftsman.

If his own veree is unexceptional, he is remembered for his rendering of Vergil into English verse. Anglo- Saxon jewellery and other objects of art testify that we are dealing with a far richer and more sophisticated civiliza- tion than the surviving remains would alone indicate.

A Short History of English Literature. By B. Ifor Evans.

To see it in this twentieth century is like finding an apartment appointed with steel furniture hung with a faded tapestry of the Masque of Cupid; or to see Arthur literatude Gawain appear, wraith-like, on some modern highway. Samuel Daniel had something of the same energy in composition, combined with the same absence of dominating diction.

He was naturally impatient of the conventional verse forms, of the regular rhythms, the well-worn similes.

But his long years were spent in the enervating life of an eighteenth-century don in Cambridge, Some sadness of spirit within him paralysed a short history of english literature by ifor evans, and made creative work almost impossible.

Pearl, Purity, Patience, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight have sufficient similarities to lead some to the beliet that they were all the work of one group. That Donne did this is true, but often he can achieve his effects in another way, by the most brief and simple statements.

He had no sense of humour, and little contact with the ordinary life of humanity. He was a bourgeois who understood theCourt, buthehad akeeneyefor the ordinary man and he was a reader who had studied most of the literature available at his time. The ‘courtesy’ of the A short history of english literature by ifor evans Ages, the romantic sentiment, idealized by Spenser in the ceremony of marriage, are here embodied in English literature, and they are part of a civilized attitude of life.

The other memorable name in this difficult period was Wulfstan, Archbishop of York died whose A Sermon of the Wolf is addressed to the English when the Danes were persecuting them most severely in The last episode in Greece showed that he had leader- ship and courage. This frankness in passion, this despair of making a unity out of the broken images of liie, have brought him close to some contemporary poets.

Possibly his personality helped, though of this little is known.

Shelley shows its idealism. To a short history of english literature by ifor evans grammar was added a Latin-English vocabulary. The third of this group was Richard Ctashaw c. This is possibly the greatest poem of the modem period in English, the spiritual record of a single mind, honestly recording its own intimate experiences, and endowed with a rare capacity for making the record intelligible. The classical epic of Homer and Vergil, on whose design Milton had based his poems, is now litde read, at least in the original languages.

Some have sought for a moral in ‘The Ancient Mariner’, and for such as must have these props, Coleridge attached a lesson litersture the end of the narrative, but the poem itself is like some Arabian liyerature, where all moves in a weird and unexpected sequence.

Even the most sober judgement cannot miss the spiritual vision and the singing quality, rather like a clanging of bells or the sound of trumpets. Yet they are distinct and memorable personalities.

In the years which followed he had to endure an agony of spiritual disillusionment. Yet he t Word mid Symbol These romances, which began with The Giaourcaptured the taste of his generation.

Goodreads is over capacity.

Had Gray written often thus it had been vain to blame and useless to praise him, 1 Gray’s depression is genial and controlled compared with that of his contemporary, William Collins 59whose brief life was marked by penury and bouts of insanity. But it is a poem in which one can read for pleasure the splendid passages, with their sustaining music.

With the lyrics may be remembered the ballads, for the ballads were lyrics in which a story was told in one par- ticular way. At his best, in The Rape of the Lock, he was able to mock at the whole of the fashionable society of the eighteenth century, while showing that he had a short history of english literature by ifor evans passionate attachment to its elegance.

Goodreads is over capacity

The whole performance seems so casual and yet it is so perfectly timed and achieved: He was there, huge, bestial, evil, waiting for you, and the hero was the man who couid kill od. In The Traveller and The Deserted VillageJohnson’s contemporary, Oliver Goldsmith hisory, the son of a short history of english literature by ifor evans Irish clergyman, depicted the social and economic evils of his time in both England and Ireland.

They sat beside hirn in the garden, or in the trees, gathering around him as naturally as a group of friends.

A mellow sentiment accompanies his expression. William Blake’s work stands alone in our literature, for no one saw life quite in the same a short history of english literature by ifor evans as he did. Actually there were more than six centuries of literature before Chaucer was born. His verses had grace and wit, and his love lyrics and madrigals have found a place in the anthologies. It is for the Canterbury Tales that Chaucer’s name is best remembered, the unfinished collection of stories told by the pilgrims on their journey to Canterbury, with the Prologue, the clearest picture of late medieval life existent anywhere.

Nothing in Anglo- Saxon poetry approaches A short history of english literature by ifor evans in its dramatic quality or in the sense it gives of genuine human characterization. That he should leave her was inevitable, but to attach to him any responsibility for her suicide would be unjust. This message to humanity he had devised in part from the Political Justice of his father-in-law, William Godwin, though much of it came from his own reading of the words of Clirist and the teaching of Plato.

The charred edges of its leaves can still be seen in the British Museum.