Altius is the leading manufacturer of golf balls; With the decline in the people’s interest in Golf, the industry has seen a decline in the number of. Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand. Introduction. Evelyn Gracie, CEO of Altius Golf, took a deep breath before introducing the company’s new golf. ALTIUS GOLF AND THE FIGHTER BRAND Contents External Environment 2. Opportunities 2. Threats 2. Internal Environment 3. Strengths 3. Weaknesses 3.

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Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand by Nikhil Sadana on Prezi

The company is now trying tye produce golf balls and equipment, which would be highly comfortable and easy to use that will help them to move along with the industry trend. Finance General Management Marketing.

The Victor TX rate is acceptable from the increased sales of the elevate golf balls. Elevate will be available through “off-course” channels such as golf specialty stores and big box retailers instead of “on-course” pro shops where the firm typically sells its products. Effect of Decrease in Retail Price. The table shows Altius revenue in was This is because golf industry is reviving by the efforts of USGA, through encouragement of new golf players to play dighter with relaxed rules.

Percentage increase in Units required to maintain profit margins. Moreover, opting into this alternate will require Altius Golf to increase the number of sales units, which can be done through extensive marketing.

Cite View Details Educators Related. Elevation will be accessible through the channels, for example, golf strength stores and huge box retailers rather than the expert shops where the firm commonly offers its items. The company is using the high price and small sales volume in its pricing strategy that has the large impact on the market share. Moreover, recent consumer study carried out by the United States Golf Association USGAhas revealed that high cost of golf equipment is one of the reasons for the lack of interest in golf sport, however; Altius Golf can capture the market growth by offering low-cost golf balls to its consumers through off-course outlets.

The percentage shows the sales of the new product that is used from the old product. Appendix-A Profitability analysis of leading brands. The board of directors is divided on whether to support the decision. However, an increase in the number of low price golf balls sold will depend on marketing and awareness of the low price as well as quality of equipments among new golf players. Finance Globalization Health Care. Effect of Decrease in Gross Margins. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand

Quantitative analysis of the CEO’s proposal may be performed to comprehend the potential risks and gains prior to making the final recommendation.

Its gross profit is Appendix-C – Product wise margins analysis. The company has been losing market share to lower-priced competitors and the CEO wants to introduce a new program called Elevate to foster the next generation of golfers.

Altius Golf is the clear leader in the golf ball market despite a long-term decline in the number of golfers and a drop in sales following the financial crisis. The cannibalization rate is calculated as the old product unit contribution divided by the old product unit contribution.

Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand. The company’s as well as the industry analysis shows that the professional experts were declined during the recession period. The whole dilemma ultimately takes the form of a great learning exercise. Altius Golf has heavily spent on marketing their success of Victor TX line, however; the golf industry trends have changed and the new trend is towards low cost as well as non-confirming golf equipments.

The Altius should implement the Elevate golf ball strategy, as it is generating low profit as compare to other two products due to new product in the market and after the recession the Victor TX sales also decreased, so by considering its following main elevate strategies the company should invest in the Elevate golf ball, it includes:. Therefore, it is the best time to introduce the elevate golf ball by extensive marketing strategy of low cost, which will help new golf players to throw the ball perfectly.

Growth in industry has just restarted after a period of recession; hence this is an opportunity for Altius Golf to acquire the market share of reviving golf industry.

Cite View Details Educators. Due branv highly cost products and the lack of innovation, the organization has been losing the piece of the pie to its opponents.

Is this segment growing or declining? In addition, it has to focus on low cost and user friendly designed golf balls in marketing to gain the higher share of growing market. Therefore, it is a good time to target new players through extensive marketing of low cost and non-confirming golf balls, which has enabled new golf players to hit the ball perfectly. As per calculations made in spread sheet, market share of Altius Golf is higher than other competitors in the golf industry, which gives it a competitive brwnd over other companies to control prices by affecting aaltius demand and supply btand.

Altius is a leading manufacturing of Golf balls that is facing a long-term decrease in the quantity of golfers and immense drop in contracts coming about because of money-related crisis. A Note on Mining in Peru.