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CARE AND DISPOSITION OF REMAINS AND DISPOSITION OF PERSONAL EFFECTS. Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering AR Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects [ United States Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on.

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AR Army Mortuary Affairs Program

Reprocessing procedures that will preclude meeting the prescribed time frame must be approved by the port mortuary officer. Good working relationships with local civil authorities will be established and maintained by each CAC. Photographing of remains under ae of the Army is prohibited unless authorized for official use such as congressional inquiries, criminal investigations, autopsy, and identification processing.

The DCS, G—1 will ensure—. Group interment marker will be provided as prescribed in paragraph 16—4. Purchase price should be mutually agreed on ag the contractor and the contracting officer.

Bag, Deceased Military Personal Effects. A dependent designated in official records. Interment qr be in a U. The uniform will be purchased locally only when military clothing sales store stock is not available. These three operations may be conducted simultaneously or independently. Travel of relatives for group interment 10 USC Performing authorized travel directly to or from active duty or IDT, as defined in the glossary, at the time of death.

Instructions for completing DA Formdistribution of the form, and a sample of the completed form are found in DA Pam —2. Casualty and Mortuary Affairs. Not every expense incurred for the disposition of remains is an authorized reimbursable expense.

When the incident appears noncombat related investigative agencies will be notified. Hair styling and dressing.

AR 638-2 Care and Disposition of Remains and Disposition of Personal Effects

Authorized transportation expenses, page 6. When remains are too large to fit into an oversize casket, purchase of a larger casket is authorized for deceased entitled to a casket at U. Department of the Army. Establishment or disestablishment of Armed Services mortuary facilities or OCONUS Regional mortuaries will be coordinated at the departmental level in coordination with the supporting service component command.

Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Board of Officers. Payment to funeral director. The reporting CAC is responsible for providing primary zr for the remains pending receipt of disposition instruc.

In general, needed documentation increases as the amount of recovered remains decreases. Death of other U.

Zr of urns by Army. However, a civil court may award disposition authority to another person. A uniform with accoutrements or civilian clothing will be provided with appropriate underwear see para 2— During military operations the Theater Mortuary Affairs Operation can move cases as needed to support the joint operations area. Eligibility for interment in U.

A licensed mortician will inspect remains to determine the degree of reprocessing needed. Transportation of PE of peacetime decedents. Incomplete remains and portions of remains.

Amount of interment allowance paid, with date of payment, name of payee, voucher number, and check number. Professional mourners or escorts provided by the funeral home. Preparation of remains in mortuary facilities outside the continental United States. The cost of civilian clothing will not exceed the cost of providing an ASU.

This regulation is applicable during full mobilization. Professional services includes services of the funeral director and staff such as: Person authorized to direct disposition of human remains.

The following documents will accompany 638-22 DD Form The importance of proper identification processing documentation cannot be overemphasized. Disposition instructions will not be requested from the PADD until—. Government expense varies depend. Anything other than that is considered as a secondary expense. Persons in contact with the PADD will be kind, considerate, sympathetic, and polite at all times. Authorized clothing for burial of eligible decedents is as follows:.