This piece of music, from Bach’s St Matthew Passion, describes Peter’s lament after having denied knowing Jesus three times. The text is adapted from the. Bach, Johann Sebastian Erbarme dich from Matthew Passion sheet music Bach wrote hundreds of pieces for organ, choir, as well as many other instruments. After Peter has betrayed his leader an alto sings the famous aria “Erbarme dich, Mein Gott, um meiner Zähren willen!”, “Have mercy Lord, My.

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It has been performed on secular stages there was a well-known Jonathan Miller production in revived at the National Theatre last year and is enjoyed by non-Christians and even atheists. About a month ago I got chatting to a priest about his Easter plans. View at Internet archive.

Can non-Christians appreciate Bach’s St Matthew Passion? – Telegraph

Film 50 great quotes about acting. When Felix Mendelssohn was preparing his revival performance of the Passion in in Berlin the first performance outside Leipzighe cut out “ten arias about a third of themseven choruses about half[but] only a few of the chorales,” which “emphasized the drama of the Passion story Bach finalized his autograph score in —; however, this undertaking was not tied to any new performance.

Creative Commons Attribution 4. Seventy-eight individual movements lasting between 20 seconds and seven minutes add up to a performance of about three hours. It is there No.

Oxford University Press Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden. Oratorische Werke Band 5: The narration of the Gospel texts is sung by the tenor Evangelist in secco recitative accompanied only by continuo.

In the early version BWV b the chorale No.

Arranger Julius Stern — It also works mmein a stand-alone song and prayer and has been performed by great singers such as Christa Ludwig and Marilyn Horne among others.

The St Matthew Passion has been presented in staged performances.

Matthäuspassion, BWV 244 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

Passio Domini Nostri J. It is widely regarded as one of the masterpieces of classical sacred music.

Arranger Selmar Bagge Evangelist List of compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. II Piano Solo C. Ggott available information derives from extant early manuscripts, contemporary publications of the libretto, and circumstantial data, for instance in documents archived by the Town Council of Leipzig.

In Felix and a few friends began diich sessions to rehearse the Passion. Zelter had a supply of J. Alain de Botton argues in his recent book Religion for Atheists that you can separate the aesthetic experience of a religious work from its bothersome theological baggage.

These file s are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.

Can non-Christians appreciate Bach’s St Matthew Passion?

Both use lettered subsections in some cases. The first scenes are in Jerusalem: The “character” soloists are ogtt often assigned arias and sing with the choirs, a practice not always followed by modern performances. The St Matthew Passion German: See the wikipedia article about the structure for alternate systems. Retrieved from ” http: Arranger Arthur Willner I have my doubts.