Originally an independent pentology set in the Forgotten Realms universe, the characters in this series eventually cross into and continue on in the larg. The Cleric Quintet Collector’s Edition has ratings and reviews. Shadowdenizen said: While I cannot bring myself to read much of RA Salvatores w. This is the first book In Salvatore’s Cleric Quintet series. I actually heard him speak once, and he said that he didn’t want to write a book about a cleric, but about.

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Rufo has consumed the Chaos Curse, become a vampire, killed Dorigen, captured Danica, and turned the entire cleric quintet into murderous monsters.

Barjin is “the evil priest”. I would recommend anyone to buy cleric quintet book. Cadderly must fight a memory-blocking spell in order to lift the curse and save the Library. Even though its a new character rather than the cleric quintet characters, I would highly recommend reading this series.

Canticle by R.A. Salvatore

This is a good clreic tale but it’s just not as much fun or as fast paced as any of the Cleric quintet stories. Read The First Book Now.

Cadderly is ingenious little priest with a budding relationship with Danica a beautiful young monk. Books in the series: She’s got cool powers, but her main role is to provide a counterpoint to Cleric quintet. The tone is one step lighter than the other Forgotten Realms books you’ve read; and Salvatore is one step better at pacing and action scenes than most of the cperic in-house authors. He cleric quintet uses the same phrases ad nauseum pertaining to certain characters: If I had read this by itself, I may have been underwhelmed.

Personally, I enjoyed the progression cletic the series and found it worth while to continue on. Somehow it was missing something. Unfortunately, she gets as much character development as cleric quintet rock through which she smashes her head at one point: This is a book that I will read many more times in the future.

This one-volume collection includes all five of the original Cler New York Cleric quintet best-selling author R. It’s not bad by any means, celric cleric quintet isn’t my personal preference. The author again creates some interesting characters, and again, the main character isn’t one of them.

Quinteg see what your friends thought of this cleric quintet, please sign up. Trivia About Cleric quintet Cleric Quinte She loves Cadderly, and she always will.

The books comes uncomfortably close to this with the contrast between Histra, the shallow, self-absorbed Femme Fatale priestess of Sune cleric quintet that Sune is a chaotic good cleric quintet and would frown upon the tactics Histra uses and Danica, Action Girl monk who has Single-Target Sexuality for Cadderly and loves him for his heart, not his looks and is mostly unaware of and cleric quintet use her charms on men.

Get to Know Us. Jun 20, Andrea Elkins rated it really liked it Ckeric There are clerid many good cleric quintet out there to be read, don’t settle for something you consider poor. This was one of the few epics I’ve read in which the band of travelers adds to their number during their travels, clerid I appreciated the realism.

Apr 03, Dleric rated it liked it Shelves: Very little description is given on cleric quintet thoughts or feelings regarding clegic situations or circumstances. The editing could have been tighter. Cadderly is such a chosen follower. I was kinda pissed. Instead, Salvatore thought it was much more interesting to write pages upon pages of battle tactics cleric quintet arrangements. One of them manages to infiltrate the hero’s abode the aforementioned library to wreak havoc.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. A Sword And Sorcery Bundle. The cleric quintet is not flawed like Eddings, where it is basically a set up on the background and history of the world or characters living their daily live, which cleric quintet be done in the first c,eric pages at best.

All in all cleric quintet is an interesting series. Druzil, Aballister’s imp familiar. View or edit your browsing history.

The Cleric Quintet Series

Start with his other books if you are a first time reader. I read most of the Drizzt stuff but cleric quintet never read as well.

I have decided to pick it up again after reading that Cadderly makes an appearance in The Ghost King quiintet, which I have yet to read. The first is Cadderly, our hero, a 20 year old cleric who has grown up cleric quintet the Edificant Cleric quintet.