12 Oct The Active Report Cookbook is a good place to start: developerworks/data/library/cognos/reporting/active_report/page 22 Oct cognos_specific/pagehtml. A must read for Active Reports. For introductory information please refer to the IBM Cognos Active Report section of the IBM Cognos Report Studio User Guide located under the Author and.

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We understand your time is important. These objects will reduce the time required to apply and adjust styling and will also provide a library of design styles that can be reused for other reports. A standard Deck will cognos 10 active reports cookbook used because it is known that there are two unique sections, each of which will be built on its own Card. This cognos 10 active reports cookbook is made easier with the introduction of the Active Report Preview and its ability to select the device or size of device of the desired device.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition | PACKT Books

Business users need access to their BI information regardless of their location, connectivity or consumption device. What do I get with a Mapt subscription? The authoring effort will be significantly reduced if the core functionality is agreed upon before design iterations begin.

The source report will be the users starting point and the target report is the report that the user wants to establish a link to. As discussed in the previous sections, if an object is cognos 10 active reports cookbook than its container, the container could be pushed out and the entire report layout maybe affected.

For the Channel Analysis Card only one additional deck is required. Ahmed Lashin, Abhishek Sanghani August After receiving the use-case, the author must now evaluate the key requirements of the dashboard and pick the IBM Cognos technology that will be best suited to solving the cogjos problem. The following example provides the step by step instructions on how actvie use a Static Repeater Table to create custom text buttons.

The dimensions can then be brought into the Data Deck from the new query. Are you sure you want cognos 10 active reports cookbook claim this product using a token? To the end user this appears as objects bouncing on the screen.

It is simple enough for any business analyst, power user, or developer to pick up and start developing basic reports. In order to remain consistent cognos 10 active reports cookbook established iOS navigation standards, cookobok areas on a reporting application when rendered in the IBM Cognos Mobile native iPad application do not have visible scrollbars.

IBM Cognos Active Report 10.2 Cookbook

This situation can be simplified by reusing the same query for multiple controls that share the same information. The tree control makes use of lists to display each coolbook of selection options.

Both charts are centered in a table of two horizontal cells. This book covers all the basic and advanced features of Report Authoring.

The Active Report Controls tab cognos 10 active reports cookbook the variable pane by showing which cogno each control is set by and which variables each control sets. To gain an understanding of how information within a chart is changing over time a Discrete Value Slider can be used to update the chart. This functionality is demonstrated in the supporting files Cascading Prompt. As more functionality gets added to an IBM Cognos 10 active reports cookbook Active Report application, default control, query and variable names become less meaningful.

Only information that will be used on a daily basis should be included in the reporting application. The Show Tab Control Records set displays the actual records associated with the control.

IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio Cookbook, Second Edition

Additionally, leveraging scheduling and bursting ensures that IBM Cognos role based security restrictions cognos 10 active reports cookbook be honoured. A List Box provides the report author the ability to manually supply the available selections displayed zctive a List Box.

Leveraging bursting technology to ensure that only data that is relevant to each user is included in their report is an effective way to manage file size without having to build multiple reports.

As more data is included in the list or crosstab the performance gains become more noticeable and the end user experience is improved. Since a single version of the output is shared, each user consumes the same reporting application and role based security is not honoured.

Cognos 10 active reports cookbook following example provides the step by step reportz on how to use a Data Deck item that is controlled by a Button Bar to display a list for each product line. This functionality is demonstrated in the supporting file Top Metrics.

In this case, it is a Table with three rows and one column. By starting at the lowest level and moving up the hierarchy, the author can ensure that proper sizing propagates through the reporting application.

Naming data containers lists, crosstabs, and charts for use in Cognos Workspace. The list on the right represents the iPad view and does not have a scrollbar to the right of the Qctive profit column. In order to ensure that the proper controls are being connected cognos 10 active reports cookbook the correct variable when setting up interactive behaviour, everything should be given meaningful names.