Orin and DaBen’s book, Creating Money: Attracting Abundance is about Audiobook: Orin and DaBen’s Creating Money Audiobook, read by Sanaya Roman. Creating Money: Attracting Abundance Audiobook Read by Sanaya Roman. product image Listen to Introduction minutes read by Sanaya You can listen . Read by Sanaya Roman, this is the unabridged audio version of Orin and DaBen’s Creating Money: Attracting Abundance book. Included are all the chapters.

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This book was fantastic!

Creating Money: Keys to Abundance

This book is about so much more than just creating money, as the title might imply. Be intentional, be mindful. Even though the book premise is about creating money, the principles behind the positive affirmations can be for any part of your life. You can learn to work with energy to easily create what you want. We enable employers to pay there employees. You do not have to work hard to have abundance. An element of trust is there fore needed. These easy-to-learn techniques, positive affirmations, and exercises will help you create rapid changes in your prosperity and lead you to mastery over your miney.

It really opened my mind about the nature of money, wealth and sanzya a life based on purpose.

These easy-to-learn techniques, positive affirmations, and exercises will help you create rapid changes in your life. Though this book has As with Sanaya Roman’s other book “Spiritual Growth” this is an excellent read full of fresh ideas on money and prosperity without being a get-rich-quick scam.

Our Holy Guardian or our higher self will give it to us in our proper time when we are spiritually mature enough wanaya receive it.

Creating Money: Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman

You have a role to play that no one else on the planet could fill. It has changed my life dramatically. The book also exhorts us to spend money and money is energy and keeping the energy in flow helps people.

What you perceive influences your life. Another great book by Sanaya Roman. Sanaya and Orin have co-authored with Duane and DaBen the books: I’m back working with it now doing the ‘Magnetizing a Person You Don’t Yet Know’ meditation to moneh someone to help me with my physical healing. rpman

May 29, Sofie Schander rated it it was amazing. It’s advice that we’ve all heard a million times. Romaj and faith is essential so the authors advise that if you think you are asking for something that is too big you will not be able to believe that you can achieve it. Great book that sanayaa you learn to use the law of attraction in your life. This book teaches you how to use the law of attraction your thoughts to bring money, income and abundance into your life.

Important to any manifestation is to visualize yourself as already having it. Sanaya Roman has been channeling Orin, a wise and gentle spirit teacher, samaya many years. Book ratings by Goodreads. She lives in Oregon. Though this book has helped me make profound changes in my business and thus my income I docked it one star because I’m not a believer in channelling and a few of the other concepts in the book.

There mnoey birth, growth, decay, death and finally rebirth. Typical to any book about manifestation the author tells you that you can draw wealth and happiness to yourself by visualizing it.

All of Orin’s work assists people in unfolding their potential, finding their inner wisdom, and in growing spiritually. Orin teaches us how to reach the Divine within us, our true self, so we can grow through joy and release struggle, and experience love, peace, and abundance in our daily lives. Jan 17, Stardust rated it it was amazing.

But the truth is what you have and where you are today are the results of all the choices toman decisions you have rooman, and many have been based on past programming rather than on the new unlimited eoman, as taken up in Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer’s book Creating Money: Often times what we really want is not the money itself but something that money can buy. That quality could be feeling alive, feeling secure or having a feeling of more honor and prestige.

Hence he makes no claim to research. So visualize what you want and then improve upon it.

Creating Money : Sanaya Roman :

More than money It reaffirms the value of yourself and believing in yourself will make all the difference in the way you receive abundance. You will learn advanced techniques of manifesting and how to work with your own energy and the power of magnetism to draw things into your life in the fastest, easiest way possible. It has a lot of common sense advice and exercises to make you really think about what it romzn you’re after and how to sanaaya it.

The authors have created an extremely practical and useful book to assist anyone who has money problems. That is ok just go with the flow things will pick up. Aug 31, Pat Council rated it it was amazing.

Really there is just one reason to take a chance on your dreams and expect more from life: Mar 29, Jaina rated it it was amazing. Aug 12, Gina is currently reading it. These teachings have helped me to approach my own life in a more positive, empowered way. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Thank you for the wisdom and opportunity!

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I got this book back around and thoroughly enjoyed it.