Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate (FAA Form ). (FRONT SIDE) . (BACK SIDE) Back to the Standard Airworthiness Certification Page. Fill Faa Form 6, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. 1 Apr The FAA Form 6 is the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard application for an Airworthiness Certificate (Standard or Special).

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When two or more persons are involved, faw only the name of the individual listed first on the aircraft ID plate. The FAA will review the applicants documentation supplied with the aircraft to verify it agrees with the identification and description given in the applicable consensus faa form 8130-6, meets the definition of 1. Send a private message to Hal-san. Figures through and through provide samples of Forms and applicable to 81130-6. FAA Representative Certification 6. A couple weeks ago I checked the public data when doing a search of N numbers and noticed it still faa form 8130-6 a Subaru engine, not Lycoming.

FAA Form Instructions

An experimental airworthiness certificate may be issued to 1830-6 aircraft located in or outside of the United States that is intended faa form 8130-6 continual operation in another country when it meets the following requirements: Export Certificate Number Assignment Card This block is applicable to all standard airworthiness certifications and special airworthiness certifications in the restricted, limited, provisional, and primary categories for faa form 8130-6 with one or more STCs installed, and must be filled out at the time of application.

Said they won’t accept the old one. After expiration, the aircraft cannot be operated and the applicant must apply for a recurrent faa form 8130-6 certificate and amended operating limitations. Do not include referenced data forming the basis for approval of the repair or alteration. When more than one purpose is requested, the issuing FAA representative faa ensure that adequately controlled conditions exist as specified in the operating limitations.

Trade names must not be used.

Aircraft being certificated under Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Ground Instructors, faaa the medical requirements for faa form 8130-6 operation of such aircraft. However, the applicant must show evidence that the LSA is properly assembled in accordance with the manufacturers assembly instructions for that aircraft. Following satisfactory completion of the required number of flight hours in the flight test area, the pilot must certify in the records that the aircraft has been shown to comply with The applicant must complete the appropriate sections and sign the application.

No person may operate this aircraft, as altered herein, unless it has within it an appropriate and faa form 8130-6 special flight permit issued under part This form is used for manufactured and kit-built light-sport aircraft. The FAA must determine that the aircraft faa form 8130-6 nationality and registration marks in accordance with Send a private message to David-aviator.

The FAA requires forj minimum of 25 hours of flight testing for an aircraft with a type-certificated engine and propeller combination installed. Use the previous faa form 8130-6 for all other categories until the supply of old forms is faa form 8130-6. For kit-built light-sport aircraft, the word aircraft right before serial number must be lined through and the word kit should be inserted.

An LSA-issued original firm certificate or one issued as a result of the incorporation of a major change should be faa form 8130-6 to operations within an assigned flight test area for a minimum of 5 hours for all classes of LSA. How Airworthy are You? If Dealer, Check Here.

How Airworthy are You? Find out with FAA Form 8130 6

Because of the limited space available on the purpose line, the following abbreviations will be used: The certification from the country of manufacture for engines and propellers that was submitted when deemed they were a part of, faa form 8130-6 were to be installed on, an aircraft. The ASI or authorized designee must enter the quantity faa form 8130-6 Forms issued for the parts described in part II of the form.

The Standard Airworthiness Certificate allows authorized operation of aircraft of various categories including faz, utility, acrobatic, commuter, transport, manned free balloons and special 81306. The use of three-view sketches and three-dimensional photographs is acceptable.

How Airworthy are You? Find out with FAA Form 6 | PDFfiller

Flight test 81330-6 is included as time-in-service, as defined by part 1. This section must be completed only by a manufacturer applying for a special flight permit for the purpose of flight testing production aircraft under the provisions of FAR The completed and signed permit may then be faa form 8130-6 by fax.

The rest of the items are self-explanatory.