Hiding the Elephant has ratings and 82 reviews. Now in paperback comes Jim Steinmeyer’s astonishing chronicle of half a century of illusionary. Jim Steinmeyer Hiding the Elephant is the masterwork of a man who has dedicated his life to magic, who knows the tricks inside out, and still. HIDING THE ELEPHANT: How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned to Disappear. Jim Steinmeyer, Author. Carroll & Graf $

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Alternatives Considered But Not Disclosed: Books by Jim Steinmeyer.

Steinmeyer reveals certain secrets, which rely on engineering, artistry and sheer chutzpah, but he hasn’t betrayed anyone; most of his information has been published elsewhere. What he adds is context. Explore the Home Gift Guide. The artistic crafting of magic is highlighted more than any mysticism, and rather than detracting from the wonder an audience might feel it actually enhances your appreciation for what a talented magician has to do to perfect their trade: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I feel that someone like Erik Larson would have done a better job with the material. Some, such as the Davenport brothers, were a magnet of controversy and a wild hit, successfully mixing “religion, agnosticism, science, superstition, and fraud. For example, for the chapter titled Houdini, we get eight pages I counted on Charles Morritt and his mirror illusions before Houdini even makes an app This dense book about the Golden Age of magic is no doubt the result of author Jim Steinmeyer’s years exhaustive research.

Hiding the Elephant : How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned to Disappear

So you’re left thinking how neat, clever and complicated it all is and how much more there is to magic than “they do it with mirrors”.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Steinmeyer’s work, I’ll warn you up-front that it’s of almost no practical use if your interest is learning how to do magic tricks. This book takes you from the origins of illusions through Houdini vanishing an elephant from the middle of an empty stage. The magician can demonstrate something that seems to violate a natural law Hiding the Elephant deftly blends the history of ths illusions, the history of the magicians who created them, and the methods and philosophy of magic itself.

Lauded by today’s finest magicians and critics, Hiding the Elephant is a cultural history of the efforts among legendary conjurers to make things materialize, levitate, and disappear. Jun 08, Daniel Felts rated it really liked it. I’d recommend this book as the antidote for Steinmwyer Blaine.

Is a GREAT book, not only delightful to read and full of interesting historical facts, but with lots of insight for magicians and mentalists about the mechanical of performance and the meaning of magic. Dteinmeyer 27, Will Chin rated it liked it Shelves: Author’s diagrams and magicians’ portraits by William Stout.

Magicians understand the careful interactions of secret and performance and have learned to appreciate the art for these subtleties. Fhe to help Canadian magicians http: A really, really outstanding elphant, both a history of magic from about to the s, as well as a technical examination of how many of the finest illusions were performed. It made for a heavy read that was hard to follow. For an engaging history of magic except for the really old stuffread this book.

Adventures in ASIC digital design. I am about half way through and enjoying myself immensely! A history of magic fromtold by a modern magician.

It’s made me more excited about going to my next magic show. The book is a history, and parts are dry.

Hiding the Elephant by Jim Steinmeyer(Softbound) – Book

Where did he learn this amazing trick and how did it work? Normally, I can read a book without glasses by simply enlarging the font. Well, actually, I guess we DO have our own “Times,” but it’s nowhere near the same David de Leon Elite user Sweden Posts. In other words, his magic show kinda sucked. Apparently, Houdini’s braggadoccio, swagger, and energy played well when performing feats such as challenge escapes, but didn’t when performing magic.

Marked Cards reviews. I do want to mention, however, that the Kindle edition’s selected typeface makes it difficult to read.

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