JIS G 3521 PDF

JIS G Carbon Spring Steel Wire Consistent Reliable tensile and Excellent Surface Finish. Description. GUANGHUA – High Carbon Spring Expert. Wires for . Product Name. JIS G High Tensile Strength Galvanized Steel Wire Price. Standard. DIN , EN, JIS G , JIS G , JIS G 16 products offers 16 jis g swc high tensile spring steel wire products. About % of these are steel wire. A wide variety of jis g swc high.

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Wire that is solution heat treatmented, drawed at normal temperture, and straightened. We have shown remarkable growth as leading manufacturer and exporter f Steel Products which are used in various industries. Low carbon steel rod is cold drawned, melting zinc-coated or electric zinc-coated and the dimension must be round-shaped. Parting agent of copper plating. Ferrule grinding, bonding capillary grinding, and electrocast core. Phosphor bronze wire CW is conducted silver-coating.

Silicon chromium steel oil quenched and tempered wires. In spring characteristics, it is superior to phosphor bronze and beryllium copper wires. This is a part of nickel alloy which is Haynes International Inc’s brand.

C outmeasures to C on conductivity.

For accessory, fastener, mesh, etc. The surface of the wire plated with copper, so it shows good performance on coil.

Hard drawn steel wire B. Beryllium copper BeCualso known as copper beryllium, beryllium bronze and spring copper, is a copper alloy with 0. Nickel-titanium super elastic alloy. Hard drawn steel wire C. Nickel-titanium shape memory alloy. Home compliance clutch spring material, Home compliance and communication precision spring material, Deformed wire used for endoscope. High stress is possible compared to conventional stainless steel for spring.

So it improves the defect like shape variations by after coating, entanglement, spark scratch, hydro-brittleness of the spring and unevenness of copper coating. Water-soluble film, zinc phosphate film. Type Spring Drawn Wire.

Superiority in flatting, weldability, antiweatherability, and corrosion resistance. Hard drawn wire 80C and piano wire are conducted zinc-coating and to wire drawing to make the surface finish smooth. Also it has vibration suppression.

JIS G 3521 High Tensile Strength Galvanized Steel Wire Price

Provided with increased strength and weak magnetism by an intensive degree of wire drawing. Although the surface of copper-coated wire becomes discolored, it endures 96 hours salt spray test against base material. H Friction Stainless Steel. High strength copper alloy. High tension piano wire that is very close to brass wires. In home compliance and a 35211 of communication, corner applied wires provide wider area occupancy to contribute to enhancing spring load and duration. Blade wire used for Catheter, Deformed wire used for endoscope.

China JIS G Medium Carbon Steel Wire – China Wire, Black Steel Wire

For electric parts, chemical industry parts, small screw, nail, mesh, etc. There are 14 material type. Currently, it is much used for automobile suspension than Si-Mn. Reinforced wires for Catheter diminishes the burden to the health of the patient and helping in less-invasive treatment.

This is a grade of steel wohse hardness after quenching is higher than that of and J1. This is Piano Wire for spring with copper-coated by electrical coating method.

JIS G 3521 Medium Carbon Steel Wire

While coiling, there occurs no dust and after tempering the color remains as same color. Hard drawing wire 80C and piano wire have been zinc-coated and afterwards cold drawned. However, this is not necessarily an absolute chacteristic. It is an exclusive chemical polishing brightening agent for 351 and copper alloy.

This enables non-harmful system for resource saving and energy saving age. Cleaning agent for oxide film, derusting agent. Annealed Low Carbon Steel Wire. It has lower cold-working hardenability when compared with 18Cr-8Ni steel.

Sperior to Cr-V on fatigue-resistant and high temperture 33521 working durability. Permanent liquid life can be maintained by management of titration value.

JIS G High Carbon Spring Steel Wire rod Consistent Reliable tensile

Nickel series stainless steel. Rod is used jjis engine for air plane, propeller, bolt, cam, gear wheel, bearing etc. A neutral, strong cleaning agent powder. It demonstarates substantial magnetism at room temperature.