Formaldehyde-free, low toxicity, biodegradable biocide. Used as in-can preservative for a wide range of adhesives and silicone emulsions. Provides both . Product name: KATHON™ WT % BIOCIDE. Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use. Identified uses: Biocidal product. Kathon lxe biocide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kathon lxe biocide.

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In relief for farmers, govt offers sops to export more onions. When aqueous dispersion of polymer encapsulated pigment exists, wax dosage can be less to maintain the same hydrophilic stain repellency, compared with the coating composition with the art pigment.

Michem emulsiona blend of paraffin wax and polyethylene, Michem emulsiona blend of paraffin wax and ethylene acrylic acid, and Michem Lubea commercial blend of kathoj wax and carnauba wax. Paint 12 to Paint 13 containing Dispersion 1 were prepared following le procedure for preparation of Paint The preparation methods of the polymer-encapsulated pigment of the coating composition of the present invention can be any methods, familiar to the technical persons in the art.

Sharply fluctuating fuel prices defined oil and gas sector in Surfactants for use herein include anionic, nonionic, cationic surfactants and amphiphilic surfactant. It could also be powder, or other which can be dispersed in the water per paint making and keep stable.

KATHON – Brenntag product information page

MIT sold commercially as Kathon. For applications the recommended use level is from 6 ppm to 75 ppm active kathln. Indo-Bangla trade stops for two days. A recent study reported the presence of DCOI in both port water and sediment samples in Osaka, Japan, especially in weakly circulating mooring areas.


The ingredients listed in Table 9 let down were added using a conventional lab mixer. Preferably, polymer-encapsulated pigments are made by emulsion polymerization as taught in U. Examples of chain transfer agents include mercaptans, polymercaptans, and polyhalogen compounds including alkyl mercaptans, such as ethyl mercaptan, n-propyl mercaptan, n-butyl mercaptan, isobutyl mercaptan, t-amyl mercaptan, n-hexyl mercaptan, cyclohexyl mercaptan, n-octyl mercaptan, n-decyl mercaptan, n-dodecyl mercaptan; 3-mercaptoproprionic acid; 2-hydroxyethyl mercaptan; alcohols, such as isopropanol, isobutanol, lauryl alcohol, and t-octyl alcohol; and halogenated compounds, such as carbon tetrachloride, tetrachloroethylene, and trichlorobromoethane.

Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. Use of surfactants for improving the compatibility of inorganic pigments in aqueous coating compositions. The crosslinking agent could be similar to, but not limited to, the one disclosed in U. Coating composition with improved liquid stain repellency and process for making the same.

In industrial use, the greatest occupational inhalation exposure occurs during open pouring. The ingredients listed in Table 7 grind were mixed using a high speed Cowles disperser.

Dispersants for use herein include non-ionic, anionic and cationic dispersants such as polyacid with suitable molecular weight, 2-aminomethylpropanol AMPdimethyl amino ethanol DMAEpotassium tripolyphosphate KTPPtrisodium polyphosphate TSPPcitric acid and other carboxylic acids. The amount of paraffin wax emulsion is in mathon range of 0. The polymer shell composition, particle size, particle morphology and process to make such are described, un-exclusively, in for example U.

The ingredients listed in Table 16 grind were mixed using a high speed Cowles disperser. Keeping the coated substrate vertical, allow the hydrophilic stain drops flow from the upper to bottom side of substrate coated with the test paint.

Product Certificate

One isothiazolinoneSea-Nine 4,5-dichloron-octylisothiazolinoone, DCOIhas quickly replaced tributyltin as the antifouling agent of choice in ship hull paint. It is not uncommon in the coatings industry to assume that a substantial extent of polymer diffusion takes place at temperatures above but not far removed from the MFFT.

The aqueous coating composition with improved stain resistance in the present invention comprises a pigment composition, including 15 wt. Overall, wax efficiency is increased by applying aqueous kwthon of polymer-encapsulated pigment.

This report only considered the issue of contact sensitization. This phenomenon is called stain repellency or beading effect. Contact, Atopic, Occupational, Drug. Export Data Import Data Both. Subscription Plans Existing User. The aqueous coating composition according to claim 1wherein the pigment is TiO 2. Polymer shell of the polymer-encapsulated pigment could also be comprised of other film lce polymers, like but not limited to polyurethane, epoxy resin, alkyd resin, or polyurethane-acrylic hybrid.