Konqueror is one of the most advanced file managers for KDE. Thanks to the underlying KDE technologies it can transparently access FTP and SFTP servers, . Be warned that if you don’t have KDE SC installed you will be prompted to install many of the KDE libraries as Konqueror depends on them to run successfully. At the heart of Konqueror is the KHTML rendering engine (which was chosen by elements from specific websites by manual selection or regular expressions.

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How do I import bookmarks from another browser into Konqueror? Adblock Automatically block all ads! Automatically block all ads! Please refer to Konqueror Handbook for detailed information. Make sure you have Javascript enabled, and the default JavaScript web popups policy set to Ask or Allow. Before reporting a bug, try running “tdeinit” before running Konqueror.

Webbrowsing with Konqueror

Folders can also be shown in the bookmarks toolbar in much the same way. In the icon list, select Browser Identification. It should work just kojqueror, but if it doesn’t TDE developers don’t often test that use casereport the problem to http: Adding your custom Web Shortcut is super easy too!

Abusing the ALT attribute is bad for accessibility. Alternately, select Use accessibility stylesheet defined in “Customize” tab and then set your own options.

Click on the Embedding tab. Pop-up blocker Forget about annoying popups, with Konqueror they are a thing of the past!

Browser File manager Universal viewer Customizable application.

Konqueror – Web Browser

The Smart policy is not always sufficient for some banks. It hahdbook up a new window with the login screen in other browsers, but not in Konqueror.

Where does the name Konqueror come from? How do I fool a site into believing Konqueror is Netscape or some other browser?

Password Manager You’ll never have to remember or retype a password anymore.

Konqueror provides a ‘smart’ policy for JavaScript popups. Set the Path to Java executable.

Konqueror is taking a really long time to load web pages — mdash; what could cause this? After the Navigator and the Explorer comes the Conqueror.

Can Konqueror use user-specified stylesheets, like those in the Firefox adblock extension? Bookmarks Manager Full featured bookmarks manager for easy access to your most visited sites. Contribute Developers Investigating bugs Fix a bug. That is called setting the user agent. When I try handboook open a web page with Konqueror, I get the message: In the Open dialog, navigate to the location of the folder or file your bookmarks are located.

Why doesn’t Konqueror show the contents of an image’s ALT attribute in a tooltip? In the Bookmark Editor, select File then select Import. The specification calls for ALT to be handbooi in place of the kpnqueror, as in text-mode only browsers such at lynx or w3m.

Under the Bookmarks heading, place a check in the box next to Show only marked bookmarks in bookmark toolbar. About Home Screenshots Features. In the icon list select File Associations.

There appears to be a configuration error. To import bookmarks from another browser into Konqueror, from the menu bar select Bookmarks, then select Edit Bookmarks. You’ll never have to remember or retype a password anymore. Then select Web Behaviour from the icon list. From your window manager launch Knqueror. There is no standard that states the ALT attribute should appear as a tooltip. Tabbed browsing and split views Easily preview websites side by side with Konqueror’s split view functionality.

Web shortcuts Simply type wp: Alternatively, Konqueror can also use Webkit if you’re looking for compatibility across the board. Yes, you can set Konqueror to use any kind of valid css stylesheet to filter webcontent or improve accessibility. How do I block unrequested popup windows in Konqueror? Default and site-specific browser identifications can be set there. Set the radio button to Use user-defined handook and browse to where the stylesheet you want to use is located.

You can even block other annoying elements from specific websites by manual selection or regular expressions. Many banks also require Java support. Spell Checking Integrated spell checking means no more embarassing typos! It’s a word play on the other browsers’ names.

Install Qt, tdelibs, and tdebase. Download Download Konqueror Get the source code.