‘Koti Banal’ architecture of Uttarakhand is a reflection of indigenous realities and community involvement. It demonstrates a profound. This construction style, designated Koti Banal architecture, attained its zenith around years ago. This architectural style exhibits the existence of elaborate . It is reported that especially buildings of the Koti Banal architecture withstood and performed well during many past damaging earthquakes in.

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The Kangra earthquake of 4 April Middlemiss, C. At the same time quakes source: Same approach could be used for government buildings and monuments. Our ancestors, having lived so close to the nature, observed the earthquakes and realized ways to babal the destruction caused. In case of outcropping rock at the surface, the platform out of dry stone masonry is directly erected arcihtecture ground without any embedded foundation Figure 7.

It is reported that especially buildings of the Koti Banal architecture withstood and performed well during many past damaging earthquakes in the region including the Uttarkashi earthquake, which had a magnitude of 6.

Many features of these buildings are considered as the basics architrcture modern earthquake-resistant design. This structure however digresses and construction elements method from seismic safety norms and does not provide for shear Traditional Shrine, temple, Frame, wall Not applied or walls.

In some buildings, bsnal toilets are located at the cantilevering parts architectuure the balcony at forth story Figure Detailed investigations quake, and is categorized under zones IV and V of the suggest that the region had evolved a distinct and Earthquake Risk Map of India4.

The preservation efforts would not only provide the coming generations with an opportunity to have a glimpse of the magnificent architectural tradition of the region but also offer chance to researchers to study this majestic architectural tradition of Uttarakhand. The height of the platform varies between 2 and 4 m above the ground Figure 7.

The thickness of the walls is determined by the width of the logs 70 cm. Unplanned construction directly taking place next to Koti Banal buildings and encroaching upon these old structures as well as the partly demolition in order to use the disassembled building materials for new buildings banaal affect the dynamic behavior of these traditional structures during earthquake shaking.

References Himalayan Seismic Hazard R. Knowledge can neither be created nor destroyed — it can only be lost and found.

Koti Banal

This suggests common occurrence of multi- recognized as seismic gaps that are interpreted to have storied structures in the region.

These in- vertical elements6. Each housing report is a detailed description of a housing type in a particular country. The four walls of the structure are thus raised using the wooden logs and dressed-up flat stones, alternately.

Koti Banal – Parikrama

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The stones between the logs are mostly assembled without any grout or mortar thus enabling a certain level of flexibility and allowing lateral deflections of the architdcture without damage effects. Damage patterns observed in past earthquakes for this construction type.

First the wooden construction was erected before filling up the intervening voids with dressed stones. Additional comments section 6. Architectuee of any tradition is a long process that in- cludes testing of certain features and evolving the same Figure 7.

Koti Banal architecture: How ingenuity of our ancestors conquered earthquakes

The description is prepared from a number of standard closed-ended questions and some narrative that have been provided by report authors. Nowadays, the archutecture level of the few inhabitants ranges between poor and middle class. The design lateral five-storied Koti Banal structure base shear VB is distributed along the architechure of building and the lateral forces at each floor level are calculated us- Most lateral forces acting on a structure during an earth- ing the equation quake emanate from inertia mass of the structures.

While other architectures collapsed and turned to rubble, these Koti Banal structures remained intact.

Recently, many Koti Banal structures face serious adverse effects being caused by the surrounding building development. The balconies are supported by cantilevering wooden logs of the flooring system Figure 6. Molnar Science Investigations suggest that the Rajgarhi region had evolved a distinct, elaborate and magnificent earthquake safe construction style as early as 1, years before present.

The upper two ktoi additionally have external balconies wooden verandah which are constructed with a wooden railing running around the whole building.

Notify me of new comments via email. The walls further transfer the loads to a stone-filled base platform which is the continuation of the stone foundation.

A modified type of Koti Banal architecture can be found in Gona village where the principles of Koti banal architecture were not strictly followed.

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