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And the great thing is, you can have all the tropes of a ghost story. El sabueso de los Baskerville de Arthur Conan Doyle.

In the episode, Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch and his crime-solving partner John Watson Martin Freeman take on the case of Henry Knight Russell Toveywho 20 years earlier witnessed lod brutal killing of his father by a “gigantic hound” on Dartmoor.

Written by don minifie Locking himself in an empty cage, he calls Sherlock, who rescues him. After its broadcast on BBC Onethe episode received consolidated figures of Retrieved 9 May By using this site, you agree to the Terms ols Use and Privacy Policy. It also benefits from not including the clownish Moriarty among the characters.

The Hound of the Baskervilles (película de 1939)

The producers also considered how to make the dog believable because, according to Gatiss, audiences always find the dog disappointing in the adaptations. Retrieved 7 May Critics praised Cumberbatch, Freeman, and Tovey, as well as Sherlock’s “mind palace” sequence.

The switch between two locations meant that the crew had to transport a lift set. Frankland Simon Paisley Day However, some critics gave the episode mixed to negative reviews. Was this review helpful to you?

El sabueso de los Baskerville: II

After Sherlock himself sees the monstrous creature he enlists the help of geneticist Dr. Too bad then baskfrville it was so underwhelming. David Lewis of CultBox called it “a pretty straightforward thriller about chemical warfare, cover-ups and a colossal canine.

In the original episode, John was to hallucinate the hound at a meat storage locker. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. In contrast to the original, however, the producers decided to centre Sherlock in their adaptation, so Sherlock baskerrville threatens to stay behind in London.

Sherlock finds and catches Frankland at the scene. On the way, John notices what seems to be Morse code signals these were unrelated; they were headlight flashes from lls group of doggers. Stapleton to help him solve the mystery.

Retrieved 9 January After John receives a call from Mortimer that Henry has run off with a gun, John, Sherlock and Lestrade run to the hollow to find Henry about to commit suicide. Also, Gatiss suggested the concept of a “mind palace”, a memory technique originating in Ancient Greece; the idea came from a book by illusionist Derren Brown.

They interrogate the innkeepers about a past order for meat lo John has spotted, which struck him as odd for a vegetarian restaurant. As a result, Gatiss added mention that Lestrade went on holiday in the script. The next morning Sherlock realises “hound” may be an acronym rather than a word. But what didn’t feel right was making it a haunted loos story. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. Edit Storyline Twenty years earlier, aged seven, young Henry Knight saw his father torn to pieces by a monstrous creature at Dewer’s Hollow near their Dartmoor home.

How do you make a functional modern mystery thriller from a story so familiar to so many?

Capítulo 1 (los sabuesos de Baskerville) | Lengua

Sherlock reacts with anger, denying there is something wrong with him. When Sherlock and Henry arrive at the hollow, they both see the hound. Henry realises that Frankland murdered Henry’s father, because he found him testing the drug. Frankland flees into the base’s minefield and gets blown up. The episode also includes shots of the hound, which was produced by visual effects.

He praised the two lead actors, and say that “the script is sharp and witty and the updating is clever, while remaining true to the original. Los Stapleton los invitan a cenar a su casa, junto a otros vecinos del lugar. Sherlock and John arrive in Dartmoor to find the hound is a local legend.