Anna University, Chennai Department of Computer Science Engineering ( Common to I.T) Fourth Semester MA Probability and Queueing. Subject Code: MA Subject Name: Probability and Queuing Theory Type: Question Bank Edition Details: Kings Edition Syllabus. MA — PROBABILITY AND QUEUEING THEORY (Regulation ). ( Common to Information Technology) Time: Three hours Answer ALL Questions PART.

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It is given that X be the daily water consumption of the locality in million litres and X follows gamma distribution with average of 3 million litres. Service time distribution follows Poisson distribution. The doctor takes on the average wyllabus minutes for each phase of the check up and the time taken for each phase is exponentially distributed.

PQT (MA) – Computer Science Engineering ()

What are the applications of Weibull distribution? What is the average calling rate for the services of the crane and what is the average delay in getting service? Write down the moment generating function of Gamma distribution. Telecommunication field, Bioinformatics, biomedical Industry. A one person barber shop has six chairs to accommodate people waiting for a haircut. Define open Jackson networks. Find the correlation coefficient between X and Y x on y: Assuming the system behavior can be syllbus by the two stage tandem queue find the bottle neck of the repair facility.

What is the probability that it has one or more defectives? The cumulative failure rate of all the machines is 0.

Time study observations gave the average slinging time as Poisson process is a counting point process representing the number of occurrences of certain event in a finite collection of non overlapping statistically independent time arrivals.

Define M2a262 process A random process in which the future value depends only on the present value but not on the past value is called Markov process. Network of queues can am2262 described as sylllabus group of nodes, where each of the nodes represents a service facility of the same type.

Also find the probability that he drives to work in the long run. If the average service time is cut to 8. MA Question Bank – Find the average response time for a two-stage tandem open network with feedback.

Probability and Queueing Theory(question with answer)

Check whether or not the process is wide sense stationary. Find a The mean number of stories of any of these types in each day. Also, find the average time a customer must wait for service? Check whether it is regular. In other words, the future behavior of the process depends only on the present value and not on the past value.

No customer may leave the system. What are the differences between Markovian and non Markovian queueing model? Define i Continuous time random process 2 Discrete random process. Probability and Queueing Theory 3 1 Subject Code: Correlation coefficient is the geometric mean of regression coefficients 2.

However if she buys B or C the next week she is 3 times as likely to buy A as the other cereal. If one of the regression coefficients is greater than unity then the other should be less than unity. V with mean 0 and 1 i. Determine whether the given matrix is irreducible or not.


Let one copy of a magazine out of 10 copies bears a special prize following Geometric distribution, Determine its mean and variance. Assume that the inter arrival time follows an exponential distribution and the service time distribution is also exponential with an average of 36 minutes.

What is the conditional probability that a repair takes at 11h given that its direction 2 exceeds 8h? If the one-step transition probability does not depend on the step i. The clinic has 4 phases each having different service nature in series as follows: What do you mean by traffic intensity?

Find shllabus probability that this computer will function for a month with only one breakdown. What is the probability that it will last for atleast one more minute?