PDF manuals are eady to download and display on any device: MESOMATIC DK Users Guide English. You are here: Home · Weighing technics; DK MESOMATIC GmbH & Co. KG Automation und Messtechnik Gmünder Str. D Schorndorf. MESOMATIC provides a complete range of measurement devices for load cells and much more. Please be patient until Wägeterminal DK · Product details .

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The load below which the weight results could be subject to an excessive relation deviation.

The limit value can lie anywhere within the measurement mabual of the balance. D Empty, delay time s 3. In this case the analogue output must be activated also. K-Command, can be mesomatic dk800 manual with the command: Premature end of dosing Waiting time prior to taring Reading the mesomatic dk800 manual serial number The data on the main display is then transmitted as shown in Fig.

The input value can lie anywhere in the range Basic adjustment and calibration 2.

Download : MESOMATIC DK Users Guide English

If there is a permanent signal in Input E6 X3 Pin 25transfer will mesomatic dk800 manual continuously. As the next step, V mA dm800 be given. Printer, output interlock 2.

The function can be de-activated by entering 0. The following settings can be selected with Fct. This also applies if the mesomatic dk800 manual output is not physically present as hardware. If the serial number is read after the print event, the manuzl is by the value of 1 greater than the printed number.

User manual MESOMATIC DK800 Indicator – Download PDF file

This display disappears after 5 seconds, but can be re-activated by mesomatic dk800 manual the keys again. After exchanging the identification code the master must send now ‘? Table of settings Hardware Table 11 in chapter A. D W P Limit value for limit switch kg 3.

DK800 Vx.1 Rev.48

Measurement transmitter and analogue inputs X If the permissible lower limit is passed, the afterflow switch-off point will be recalculated and the dosing started again. The data from main display is transferred to an intermediate memory.

The linearization functions are locked out but still in effectcannot be used. Otherwise the connection or the direction of installation of the measurement sensor must be changed. Alternatively to mesomatic dk800 manual inverted net-arithmetic sign, the weigher can be used for negative weighing weighing by mesomatic dk800 manual. Correction point 4 kg 2.

If these ,together with the calibration weight, are read out and noted after calibration, the calibration of the unit can be reproduced without weights mesomatic dk800 manual to be attached in the event of data being accidentally deleted or otherwise lost. Diagnosis via the Profibus: An auxiliary device, whenever necessary, must be installed before the beginning of the calibration.

Serial interface and analogue output Mesomatic dk800 manual The X4 connector is fitted in the DK as a 9-pole male plug, and serves the purpose of connecting the serial interface. The 24 bit in the 2. Summary of functions H Empty, hysteresis kg Power supply X1 Terminal X1 is fitted to the DK as a cold-unit terminal, and serves the purpose of bringing in mains voltage. Number mesomatic dk800 manual parts If only the serial transmission is to be synchronised or terminated, e.