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Fit the case door into position by lifting it onto the top hinge brackets and secure it with the lower two fixing screws. If damaged replace as described under replacement.

If another flue outlet direction is requiredremove the appropriate flue outlet sealing plate and transfer it to the left hand position. Remove the front of the combustion chamber potterton prima f manual gain access pottsrton the main and pilot burner and the ignition electrode.

Boiler Manuals: Potterton Prima F

If necessary make good around hole to enable holes ‘ B ‘ to be drilled. Additional clearances to these are potterton prima f manual during installation for lifting the boiler and mm 5 in is required at the top of the boiler for access to the pipe connections. Disconnect the electrical connections as follows: Slide rope sealing ring on to air duct.

Cutting length remains the same for minimum or maximum clearance at the rear of the boiler. Route a four core cable through the plastic bush in the rear of the control box and the cable clamp as illustrated in FIG. Pump Cover Kit 19in – 24in. Remove controls potteryon by opening the door covering the securing screw on the underside of the controls coversee FIG. Reconnect the flexible tubes to elbow or adapter. Undo the two screws securing the transportation foot and discard foot. Potterton prima f manual the full commissioning procedure as.

Unscrew the pilot tube from the pilot assembly. Under the Consumer Protection Act and section 6 of the Potterton prima f manual and Safety at Work Actwe are required to provide information on substances hazardous to health. Expansion Vessel Volume litres. Health and Safety Information. Undo securing screw potterton prima f manual, pull controls cover forward 10mmlower it to release it from its four side fixings and pull forward d of the thermostat knob.

Ensure that the plastic tubes have the coiled springs positioned to prevent the tubes from kinking.

If the openings draw air from outside the building the free areas may be halved. Insert flue sealing collar into wall and secure with screws providedaccessory pack B.

Boiler Manuals

Fit optional terminal wall plate if required. Where a flue terminal is fitted less than mm from a plastic or painted gutter or mm from painted eavesan aluminium shield of mm length should befitted to underside of gutter or eaves. It shall be positioned in the flow pipe either The boiler flow temperature is prmia at approximately horizontally or vertically upwards and close to the boiler.

When rear fluingthe elbow potterton prima f manual should be discarded. Before the start of any manjal workswitch off at potterton prima f manual external electricity supply by disconnecting the supply plug at the socket or switching off the external isolating switch.

Fully tighten the union nut connecting the pilot tube to the pilot. A suggested method of doing this is shown in Fig 5 where the bathroom radiator is connected The boiler must be used on INDIRECT hot water systems into the gravity circuit potterton prima f manual is fitted with two lockshield valves. Unscrew the union nuts connecting potterton prima f manual pilot supply pipe to the pilot and gas control valve.

Servicing is best arranged by a contract placed with Potterton Myson Limited and further details are available from the local Potterton Regional Service Office. Sealed phial and capillary containing liquid.

The boiler and its associated equipment will arrive on site in two cardboard cartons. Further details for installation of a boiler within a compartment mahual given in BS The whole of the gas installation including the meter should be inspected and tested for soundness and purged in potterton prima f manual with the recommendations of BS Disconnect the white wire from GV2 on gas control valve and connect it pruma a suitable test switch to neutral as shown.

Fill and vent the system. The resistance through the heat exchanger when operating with a water flow rate producing an C temperature rise at maximum boiler output are shown in TABLE potterton prima f manual.

Drain off taps should be fitted in the pipework close to the boiler and in the low points of the system. The over-run thermostat will keep the pump running when achieved check that the inlet pressure is prmia mbar See Fig 19 the boiler has shut down, as long as the combustion for inlet pressure nipple.

Unplug the gas control potterton prima f manual lead from the control box and plug it into the test socket. Separate fan from fluehood by removing the two securing screws. Boiler Mounting Plate Literature Pack containing: If however capillary fittings are used it is essential to temporarily remove both of the thermostat bulbs from the flow pipe before soldering.

If conditions are near freezingthe boiler case should be warmed prior to application of the infill panel.

The overheat thermostat is pre-set and no adjustment is possible. Insert the assembly into the wall sliding the rope sealing ring along the air duct into the flue sealing collar. The Combustion Air and Ventilation Requirements appliance must not be pottrrton in bathrooms, shower rooms, General recommendations are given in BS Part 2, and bedrooms, bed-sitting rooms, garages or rooms where highly the following notes potterton prima f manual given as a general guide.

Secure with two wing nuts. All boiler mounted ptterton are designed so that if any fault should occur they will fail safe. Feed the capillary and bulb through the hole. Remove the clip potterton prima f manual the thermostat bulb to the flow pipe.