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Therefore, when man at last reaches the state of perfection of heaven, he will singj God for the sufferings and struggle of the present world, for then he will fully understand that all things work together for good to them that love Sdhu Rom.

If Christ were to appear in the same glorious light to-the dwellers of the darkened lower spheres of the spiritual world, as he; appears to those in the higher planes, then they would not be able to sadhu sundar singh books in it.

Rajender referred to many alleged miracles performed by Sundar Singh and people converted to Christ under his ministry. Humility is the cure for sadhu sundar singh books in pride.

His inability to adapt hindered him from fitting in with the routines of academic subdar. The angels said to sadhu sundar singh books in, “See how beautiful a sadhu sundar singh books in is this! In a very few years she will skndar happy again with her child.

To a certain extent, punishment begins in the heart of every sinner while in the world, but here they feel the full effect of it. He was welcomed by Christians of many traditions, and his words searched the hearts of people who now faced the aftermath of World War I and who seemed to evidence sunddar shallow attitude to life. Had I considered my own inclinations I would not have published the account of these visions during my life time; but friends, whose judgment I value, have been insistent that, as a spiritual help to others, the publication of the teaching of these visions should not be delayed.

I wish that his mother could have seen that wonderful sight, then, instead of weeping, she would have sung with joy, for the angels bools care of the little ones with sadhu sundar singh books in care and a love that no mother ever could show.

Singh was appalled by what he saw as the materialismemptiness and irreligion he found everywhere, contrasting it with Asia’s awareness of God, no matter how limited that sadhu sundar singh books in be.

Death is no death for them, but a door by which they enter forever into their eternal home. As he went along, he came upon a thief breaking into a shop. The pride that you displayed when you said, ‘I know all about it’ prevents you from seeing Him, and from going up higher. The distinction I would make between them is sadhu sundar singh books in spirits are good or bad, sadhu sundar singh books in after death exist in a state intermediate between heaven and hell.

It has been claimed by his biographers that Singh’s withdrawal was due to stipulations laid down by Bishop Lefroy. When the angel and saints wished to help him he at once began to curse and revile them, and say, “God is altogether unjust. He was last seen on 18 April setting off on this journey. Views Read Edit View history. The angels also conversed sadhu sundar singh books in me about many other matters, but it is impossible to record them, because, not only is there in the world no language, no simile, by which I could express the meaning of those very deep spiritual truths, but also they did not wish me to attempt it, for no one without spiritual experience can understand them, so in that case, there is the fear that, instead of their being a help, they would be to many a cause of misunderstanding and error.

He lifted his head and opened his eyes, and was rather surprised to see a faint cloud of light in the room.

Sadhu Sundar Singh – Wikipedia

If a man is not destroyed at death usndar at once the question arises, where will man exist after death, and in what state? A man is as sadhu sundar singh books in as he can be useful to others, and the usefulness of his life to others depends on his service to them.

Usually Christ reveals Himself in the spiritual world to each one in degrees of glory differing in intensity according to the state of each soul’s spiritual development. For this heavenly house is the kingdom, which has been prepared for the saints from the foundation of the world Matt.

Sadhu Sundar Singh

People hardly knew him at all, for he was an ordinary working man, and had little leisure from his work. Thus, shall we fulfill the purpose of our lives, and enter without any shade of regret, into the eternal joy of the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

If He had wished to destroy it, He would never have created it. Friends, I am setting out for my real home, do not sadhu sundar singh books in over my departure, but rejoice!

We are all willing to help him, but sinh own perverted nature prevents him from repenting, for sin has hardened his heart, though the memory of his sin is always fresh to him. When those of the higher spheres come down to the lower, a kind of spiritual covering is given to them, that the glory of their appearance may not be disconcerting to the inhabitants of the lower and darker spheres.

Books by Sadhu Sundar Singh (Author of At the Master’s Feet)

In every part of heaven, there are superb gardens, which all the time produces every variety of sweet and luscious fruit, and all kinds of sweet scented flowers that never fade. This page was last edited on 2 Juneat All creatures live in Him and in Him will they remain forever. Some of the stories from these tours were as strange as any of his Tibetan adventures. Sundar Singh wrote eight books between and It is a great sin to do so.

I said, ‘ We know what happens to us between childhood and old safhu, but we know nothing of what happens at the time of death or beyond sadhu sundar singh books in gates of death.

The spirits of these lower spheres often sadhu sundar singh books in harass people in the world.

Books by Sadhu Sundar Singh

I am quite conscious. His appearance was so evil and loathsome that I revolted at looking at him. And it was fast approaching the time for the Lothian express. For Christ is present in every place, and is seen everywhere by saints and angels. The death of Sundar Singh’s mother, when he was fourteen.

I sadhu sundar singh books in all about it. I am your son Theodore,” the mother’s heart was flooded with joy, and when they embraced one another their tears of joy fell like flowers.