4 Dec TL, TLA, TLB. Low noise JFET dual operational amplifiers. Datasheet – production data. Features. • Wide common-mode (up to VCC. The JFET-input operational amplifiers in the TL are similar to the TL, with low input Features. General. The TL, TLA and TLB are high speed. J–FET input dual operational amplifiers incorpo- rating well matched, high voltage J–FET and bipo-.

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TL datasheet and specification datasheet.

Supply current per amplifier versus free air temperature 2. Maximum peak-to-peak output voltage versus frequency Figure 6. Elcodis tl072 datasheet a trademark of Elcodis Company Ltd.

The Input bias and Offset currents is also low.

The audio pre-amplification means for getting output audio with low noise, interference, distortion and also used for controlling the volume, tl072 datasheet and treble. In the circuit, as the audio input is attached it will receive from the output with low noise and distortion. All other trademarks are the tl072 datasheet of their respective owners.

TL Datasheet(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

We can increase the value of resistor R4 due to having high input impedance. Re-ordered order codes table.

TL datasheet tl072 datasheet specification datasheet Download datasheet. SO-8 package mechanical drawing Table 5. Voltage follower Figure Maximum peak-to-peak output voltage versus frequency Figure 5.

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This TL07x series come with low harmonic distortion and low noise which makes it fir for the use where high-accuracy datasheft.

Download datasheet Kb Share this page. Maximum peak-to-peak output voltage versus free air temperature Figure 7. Schematic diagram 1 Schematic diagram Figure 1. Datasehet menu About Us Advertise. Corrected footnote for automotive grade order codes in order codes table. These are high-voltage JFET-input operational tl072 datasheet with low noise versions and high slew rate.

Tl072 datasheet to main content. It also used in the application of audio pre-amplification. The maximum ratings related to soldering conditions are also marked on the inner box label So, can be used tl072 datasheet a voltage comparator IC.

R2 and R3 are negative feedback resistors, used for measuring datashest tl072 datasheet signal.

Typical application Figure These packages have a lead-free second level interconnect. The devices feature high slew rates, low input bias and offset current, and low offset voltage temperature tl072 datasheet TL is mainly used where high-accuracy is needed with respect to low harmonic and noise, as used for audio pre-amplification.

Copy your tl072 datasheet code and put on your site: We can use this IC for audio pre-amplification or for better sound quality with having a low price of it with a high accuracy. Large signal differential voltage amplification and phase shift versus frequency W Figure tl072 datasheet R6 is used to discharge or empty the C2 flows in order to reduce noise strikes. It also compares the voltage like the other op-amp ICs do.

R1 is used for impedance balancing, which helps in getting low distortion. Top menu About Us Contact. Max 5 If the value of R2 and R3 is placed too high then the noise will increase and if it is tl072 datasheet low then the noise will be lower, but it may increase distortion as the load on IC gets high.