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TM Department of the Army Technical Manual: Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques. References [Anon.] on *FREE*. TM Unconventional Warfare Devices & Techniques April Vietnam War. See pictures for condition details. If you have any questions, feel free to. Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques, References; drawings and information on how to make the devices, Department of the Army TM

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Eventually the disk is sufficiently softened to release the spring- loaded striker.

Because of its high detonation velocity and its plasticity, C4 is well suited for cutting steel 3-1200-1 timber, and for breaching concrete. Army Engineer Uescarch and Development Laboratories.

A pull-operated fuze, inserted in the tm 31-200-1 sive, is connected to the handle by a wire. When contact is made, an electric firine circuit tm 31-200-1 completed. The primary use for water as an igniter is in’ combination with delay mechanisms.

The test history of this item is tm 31-200-1 known The device appears to be effective. It is initiated by detonating cord. Both classified and unclassified manuals are published in the series. The striker tm 31-200-1 then driven into the detonator. When the wax has dissolved in the gasoline, the water bath is allowed to cool.

With Fire Fudge or Fuse Cord added to the impregnated combustible material, delay timp is reduced tO roughly y2 to 1 hour. Both military electric or nonelectric tm 31-200-1 caps will deto- nate the bangalore torpedo.

TM 31-200-1 Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques – References

In both devices, when an electric current is applied, the hot filament ignites the black powder. The electric type has two wires for attaching to a battery or other elec- trical tm 31-200-1. To operate the device tm 31-200-1 safety fork is removed and the plunger depressed. Beeswax may be substituted for paraffin wax if desired.

The Algerian device shown above consists of a board tm 31-200-1 two flexible electric contacts attached to it. Flammable liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, etc. A strong squeeze by the fingers on the blunt end of the casing breaks the ampoule from which the acid leaks tm 31-200-1 contact the barrier. When TAOO MMB 27 the lower can fills and overflows, the liquid will react with the igniter material placed around the lower can and combustion occurs.

TM Unconventional War Devices and Techniques – Ammo Can Man

Caution t This mixture ia unstable and may ignite under conditions of high humidity tm 31-200-1 when wet by drops of water of perspiration. Actual use of the fuze is not known. Pprciission primers are used in fuzes and in fixed ammunition where they initiate propellant by their tm 31-200-1 output. The device is presumed to be effective. The test history of these items is not known. This substance will bum and smoke upon contact tm 31-200-1 water.

When the jar is broken the spring inside the can is tm 31-200-1 and the matches are scraped against the can and ignite. A small bottle containing cupric chloride is included with the device. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The striker hits the cartridge primer, initiating the deto- nator and exploding the bomb or an explosive charge.

Af the air- craft rises, tm 31-200-1 air inside the jar expands forcing the plastic sheet against the contacts and closing the firing circuit. The upper and lower amounts of common fuels that will cause an ignitable 31200-1 are shown in the tiible below. This incendiary ie used tm 31-200-1 attack metal tarnets by applying localized heat. These thickeners were tested.